Thursday 28th March 2024 @ 19:00

Queen Tribute Act + AirFlo

Studio24 welcomes you to join us on our Grand Opening Night, with a thrilling jam-packed night of entertainment.

This will also allow you to explore Wells’s newest live music venue as we set the scene for 2024.

QE2 -The most famous and realistic Queen Tribute band touring the UK and Europe at present.

QE2 – The Very Best of Queen have been performing at some of the best-known venues, festivals, arenas and cruise ships across the UK and Internationally for over 25 years. They aim to recreate the Magic that Queen provided during their Live Concert performances. Queen was formed in 1970 and was active up until 1991. During this time, they wrote and recorded many great hit records which for us, makes it very hard to construct a set list that includes them all, but we promise that from start to finish, we will include as many of the Greatest Hits as we possibly can that you will know, love and interact with.

QE2 – have gone above and beyond to recreate the look, sound and energy of a live Queen concert, this includes custom-made costumes, replica equipment and mannerisms. QE2 have been performing hundreds of shows to Queen fans all over the world. And are proud to say that some of their biggest and best festivals over the years have been in Tripoli in Libya, The Granaries Floriana, in Malta, Lisbon in Portugal, Toulouse, Albi, Perigueux in France, Rzeszów in Poland and Malaga and Valencia in Spain, Amsterdam and Eindhoven in Holland, to just a few, performing to audiences ranging from 10,000 to 35,000 people.


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